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If you are in search of awards and trophies, one crucial step is to have some information about their classification. Whether you plan to give out trophies for a sports competition or a pageant, or recognition awards for your company’s corporate event, it is good preparation to know your choices well.

There were different types of awards given before modern times. Although recognition was given in different ways back then, the awards and trophies we have today are attainable, affordable, and have the feature to be personalized.

In addition to the feature of the modern trophies and awards, they can come in different shapes and materials. Common materials used are crystal, glass, wood, metal or steel, acrylic, and marble. You can match the ceremony the awards are for by choosing the right material. Each classification has its own beauty to brag about.

Having said that, the best way we can classify awards and trophies will be according to the material used.

Acrylic Awards

Acrylic is one of the best materials there is. Acrylic is used not only on trophies but with plenty of different products such as paint, furniture, home improvement tools, and much more. It is a glassy thermoplastic that can be molded into various forms and shapes. Having a great transparency rate, it is commonly substituted for glass since it is just like a cheaper version of it. That is why Acrylic Awards are great to give as monthly employee recognition. It expresses elegance without hurting your company’s budget. Acrylic Awards are for you if you are going for class, affordability, and durability.

Glass Awards

They say that although there are cheap acrylic awards, nothing compares to Glass Awards. Trophies and awards made of glass are a classic. They never go out of style because they can be crafted into different shapes and forms. Most companies prefer business awards and business plaques of glass because it looks simple, yet sophisticated. Lettering on glass awards can be done by engraving or simply printing on it. They are moderately priced but are definitely stylish.

Crystal Awards

Crystal Awards is another popular classification of trophies. It became popular because of the pure beauty it holds. Like glass awards, Crystal Awards are available in many different forms. You can choose to pick out something that is already made or have a shape custom-made to match the event or the award title you will be giving. Crystal is cut by laser or crafted by hand. They can be printed on and engraved as well. Business plaques are at their finest when made of crystal material.

Marble Awards

If you are looking for something that gives a monumental impression, Marble Awards are perfect. They can be really trendy since most award companies offer either a single solid color or mixes of two to three shades. Durability is also not your problem because marble is naturally tough. The letters and descriptions can be engraved. Although Marble Awards are a little more expensive compared to other types, it is worth the cost. It is perfect for prestigious award ceremonies.

Because many awards and trophy companies are giving “custom-made” options, there can be lots more types of awards out there. But these four classifications brought to you by Corporate Awards can help you get ready to select what’s best for your event.

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